GALA is an Israeli-American visual artist who lives and works in NY Area. Gala’s work ranges from drawing, mixed media, sculpture and photography. Her ability to work in different mediums allows her to express different ideas. Each medium creates a different "action" that she explores in her work.

Gala was Born in Israel and moved to NYC in 1999. She studied painting and drawing at the Art Student League and the NY Academy of Art, Photography at ICP and she studied sculpture for seven years with the sculptor Janice Mauro. She also holds an MBA from NYIT in NY. In 2015 Galit participated in the residency program at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), NY.


"I moved to the United States from Israel in 1999. Coming from a different environment, I am constantly checking my relationship with the place I am coming from and the place where I am now. I always think about flowers in a similar way; when you remove a flower from its natural place, and put it elsewhere, will it grow the same? In my art process, I integrate photographs in flowers. Through the process of cutting, clustering, and rearranging it within the painting, I essentially take an object from its natural surroundings and put it in a different one. In this way, I suggest a new identity to the object. Initially, the viewer sees a flower.  Yet, when they come closer, they see it is actually a cluster of the same repetitive image of a woman figure that together form a new entity. When the viewer gets closer, it creates an intimacy between the viewer and the painting. Similarly, one needs to come closer to smell and enjoy a flower’s beauty. Once realizing it's natural identity, what does it become now?".

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