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Private Art tours at The Metropolitan Museum NYC

 "Question Everything You See" 


Join me on a journey through the Metropolitan Museum, where art is felt, interpreted, and cherished. As your artist tour guide, explore the depths of creativity and expression within these halls, where each stroke and mark holds meaning. We'll unravel the stories behind masterpieces, from Renaissance to contemporary art, encountering bold experiments and boundary-pushing concepts. I'll share insights on composition, color theory, and symbolism as we delve into hidden meanings. Connect with art on a personal level, forging your own interpretations and emotional connections. Let curiosity guide you, and let the beauty of art ignite your imagination.


The tour is  1 hour 


The tours are usually on Sundays @11:00AM

Meeting Place:
We will meet at the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum @10:45
Arrival independently.

$70* ($28 Museum entrance Tickets is included)


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